Car Rent in Kiev (with a Driver)

Car rent in Kiev with a driver: business trips, excursions, social and convivial occasions. Car rent payment is made by the time.

Standard class cars rental in Kiev: 200 UAH/hour (7,5euro)

Business class cars rental: 400 UAH/hour (15euro)

Renting a car with a driver to expect you at the Boryspil airport has more benefits than a traditional car rental. Besides, making an order is easier and more affordable.

We provide an opportunity to rent a car with a driver for any period of time: from several hours to a whole day. You won’t have to worry about traffic problems while traveling. Traffic jams, parking and the route choice are driver’s responsibilities. If you have your own driver, you can enjoy your time, taste all the beauty of Kiev nightlife and get to one of Kiev hotels quickly and whenever you want.

  • You can rent a car for any day of the week;
  • Minimal car rental time is 2 hours (+ 1 hour for providing a car).

You can make your order or contact us here