Kiev Nightlife/Nightclubs Guide

Kiev nightlife (nightclubs) are multiple and varied. However, in spite of this, even the citizens find it hard to decide where to go. Here you will find everything and anything:

  • small and cozy pubs;
  • huge discos that accept thousands of people;
  • strip bars;
  • private clubs;
  • summer locations.

It’s hard to come to know the particulars of the variety of Kiev nightlife options, not to mention the fact that it is hardly possible to know where to go today, keep abreast of new places, exclusive Kiev parties and events.

A private guide will take you to the best Kiev nightclubs and will arrange a passage out of turn. He’ll help to pass face control and the dress code, offering a real VIP relaxation, taking you to the private clubs of the city and handling all organizational aspects. Some city guests use their visits to night clubs for sex tourism, too as they’ve heard of the beauty of Kiev women.

No matter what types of Kiev nightlife variants you are interested in, be sure that our Kiev guide will always help you in making your choice and will share the codes of behavior in every place.

Some pros of using private guide services:

  • a guide will choose the locations, depending on your personal preferences;
  • most clubs accept guides and their tourists out of turn according to the list (the entrance is free of charge);
  • a guide helps in chatting with Kiev girls and making contacts while in a club;
  • a guide provides information concerning the codes of behavior in a club, payments for services and issues of local legislation;
  • a guide helps in booking a table or a VIP-box and familiarizing with the full list of club services;
  • a guide guarantees passage to private parties, where a tourist can meet beautiful Kiev women;
  • a guide organizes your Kiev transfers according to a pre-chosen route;
  • a guide will accompany you and will help with the translation to a native language;
  • your safety and security is in reliable hands.

Services cost: 70 euro per night tour

  • Pubs and pre-party: The bar,  Par Bar,  Heaven Terrace (free entrance)
  • Karaoke: Serebro, Just Cafe, Mafia (preorder)
  • Clubs:
    • Touch cafe (Decadence House ), Skybar,  Shooters (entrance – 100-200UAH /4-7,5 euro)
    • D’lux, TAO, , Buddha bar, Avalon, Indigo (free entrance throught gusts list)
    • Disco Radio Hall, Sorry Babuska (free entrance throught gusts list)
  • Student’s clubs: Saxon, Forgage, Bionica (free entrance throught gusts list)
  • Summer clubs:
    • Dali Park, Arena terrace (entrance – 200UAH (7,5 euro))
    • L8 Park, Bora-Bora (free entrance throught gusts list)
  • After-party: Heaven, Closer
  • Strip clubs: Harem, Penthouse, Dolls

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